DocDigitizer API uses an Api key for authentication and a Bearer token for authorization.

These are specific schemas you'll need to send along in the header for all the requests sent by your app (our api doesn't store 'state' nor 'sessions' in our side).

Something like so to authenticate against the Auth module:

curl -X <METHOD> <REQUEST_URL> -H "Authorization: API_KEY <YOUR_API_KEY>"

And then use the accessToken you just got against the rest of the endpoints with:

curl -X <METHOD> <REQUEST_URL> -H "Authorization: Bearer <The-AccessToken>"

You'll need to authenticate only once for as long as your token hasn't expired.
When you authenticate yourself against the Auth module you'll receive two tokens, both temporary. You can use the accessToken against the rest of the endpoints. Once it expires, you can either authenticate again or use the refresh token to issue a new pair of tokens.

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