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Meet DocDigitizer PowerCapture

DocDigitizer hyper-automation platform has helped Global 2000 organizations companies to parse through vast amounts of unstructured inputs and raw information unlocking hyper-automation over complex and unstructured mission-critical processes. We help companies reaching full potential through data, by empowering them to transform their operations and drive operational efficiency as well as human productivity by fully unlocking the power of their data.

Our core proprietary technologies use the most advance AI breakthroughs in cognitive automation, Semantic and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and human-in-the-loop AI-based orchestration, to process highly unstructured information with ease, accuracy, and versatility, tied together under a low-to-no code automation platform that abstracts the complexities of AI for line-of-business users.

Meet DocDigitizer WorldObjects

DocDigitizer offers a framework and a development platform, DocDigitizer WorldObjects that allows developers to leverage or build a myriad of human semantic objects, eliminating the need for developers to reinvent the wheel every time they create an application.

With WorldObjects you actually create native .Net code, leveraging the power of the .Net framework. WorldObjects also may be bundled with data. It means for developers thousands of hours saved both in structuring common objects like countries, languages or custom objects like ISIN objects, but also managing the data load of those objects.

Visual Studio Marketplace is available an extension DocDigitizer WorldObjects which can be install in Visual Studio Code to get start with DocDigitizer WorldObjects. For more information please read the following page Setup DocDigitizer WorldObjects