Getting Started with DocDigitizer

This page will help you get started with DocDigitizer. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Getting Started

With DocDigitizer you can collect, transform, and streamline data from any document to any software.

We simplify the process of Data Capture, by removing the need for complex training or setup and ensuring a built-in quality assurance process that completely skips the need for human validation on the customer’s end.

We allow you to spend more time using your data, and less time trying to collect it.



We will walk you through the steps to get up and running on DocDigitizer. Let’s go!

API Reference

What makes us different?

Under the hood DocDigitizer is powered by cutting edge computer vision (including OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) that create pre-trained models for high-value, high-volume documents, working in harmony with a built-in human-in-the-loop, providing hyper automation capability any unstructured data inbounds.

We offer:

  • · 100% accurate guaranteed by SLAs
  • · Human-in-the-loop managed at scale
  • · Any Document, Any Source, Any Format – Long Tail Ready
  • · Zero Setup, Zero Warm-up, Zero Training Sets
  • · Full Pay per Use

Learning about DocDigitizer

DocDigitizer for Developers

  • An overview of the basics of your DocDigitizer implementation

Learning about DocDigitizer

  • Over a dozen how-to guides to help you to accomplish common tasks.