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What are WorldObjects?

At DocDigitizer, we aim to unburden people from robotic work, including developers.

DocDigitizer WorldObjects is a development platform that allows developers to leverage or build a myriad of human semantic objects. With WorldObjects you actually create native .Net code, leveraging the power of the .Net framework. WorldObjects also may be bundled with data. It means thousands of hours saved both in structuring common objects like countries and languages or custom objects like ISIN objects but also in managing the data load of those objects.

With WorldObjects you can endlessly navigate in strong type mode during code development.

var customerIntlDialCode = document.Invoice.Customer.Address.ZipCode.Country.IntlDialCode;

In this example, we have a document (like an invoice) that has a customer address. Even if the international phone dial code is not mentioned in the document, it can seamlessly be retrieved by the framework through underlying Catalogs (ZipCode and Country for this case). Imagine how many tables, SQL queries and alike you'd need to run this simple line of code in your current projects

WorldObjects eliminates the need for developers to reinvent the wheel every time they create an application. With WorldObjects, common human concepts like countries, addresses, document types or ID cards are already available. DocDigitizer WorldObjects represents Entities Objects such as a Customer, an Invoice, or a Citizen Card, in a semantic way. You can use global WorldObjects from the global repository or create your own objects. Read the technical documentation in Reference Guide.

Using WorldObjects, you can bundle applications that reflect a specific scenario. They allow you to refer to objects in a standardized way, abstracting from concrete implementations of these Objects.

WorldObjects in DocDigitizer

DocDigitizer offers a framework and a scalable platform, DocDigitizer WorldObjects, where you can create your Entities using semantic language provided by this framework and dispose of and managed this Entitiy using functionalities provided by the platform.

DocDigitizer WorldObjects provides semantic language to help create and define your Business Objects, adding properties that define each object and index mechanisms, which can be helpful to support semantic query processing.

You can also use semantic objects shipped by with DocDigitizer WorldObjects.