Reference Guide

DocDigitizer WorldObjects Reference Guide: Semantic Engine



This document aims to provide a guide for development using "WorldObjects" (Semantic Engine).

Settings and Abbreviations





Perform setup installation client-side(see Setup DocDigitizer WorldObjects)


A keyword is an identifier-like sequence of characters that is reserved and cannot be used as an identifier except when prefaced by the @ character.

Patterns matched to keyword Types:

  • Integer
  • Text
  • Decimal
  • Date
  • Time
  • DateTime
  • TimeSpan
  • Media
  • Logical

Patterns matched to keyword Members:

  • Object
  • Property
  • Reference
  • Collection
  • Indexer
  • Primary Indexer
  • Group / End Group
  • Catalog / End Catalog
  • Validation / End Validation
  • Expression / End Expression
  • Format / End Format

Patterns matched to other Contextual keywords:

  • object
  • objects
  • extends
  • references
  • with
  • retrying
  • type
  • by
  • to
  • of
  • any
  • using


Two forms of comments are supported:

  • lines starting with //
    Single-line comments start with the characters // and extend to the end of the source line.

Pattern matched to comment.block:

  • Blocks starting with / and ending with /
    Delimited comments start with the characters / and end with the characters /.
    Delimited comments may span multiple lines.


Pattern matched to string.quoted.single:

  • Comments encapsulated by ' & '

Pattern matched to string.quoted.double:

  • Comments encapsulated by " & "


  • Pattern matched to string.regexp: '.', ','

Semantic Object Use

  • Object: allows you to create an Object.
    All objects have a version (default: 1.0.0).
Object ObjSomething
Version 1.0.0

Note: objects are referenced by name + version.

  • Property: allows you to add a Property to a basic Object.
Property Something type Integer
  • Reference: allows you to add a Property to the Object that is a Reference to another Object.
Reference Other to MyObjects.ObjSomething.Something
  • Collection: allows you to add a Property that is a collection of Types/Objects (map)
// Collection of References
Collection Others of MyObjects.ObjSomething.Something references
// Collection of owned Objects 
Collection Others of MyObjects.ObjSomething.Something objects
  • Indexer: allows you to configure the Property that indexes with the Key of the Object.
Primary Indexer Country
  • Primary: allows you to configure the Property that corresponds with the Primary Key of the Object (unique values).
Primary Indexer ClientId
  • Retrying: allows you to define a case to be used when the main option (Catalog) fails.
    This is useful when you want to set another Catalog when the value in hand is not found.
Property Name
    by Global.LanguageDialect
        retrying by Global.Language using .Language, 
    by Global.Language
        retrying using .FallbackLanguage