How do I onboard my IDP Fast Track clients?

The IDP Start projects have a fully automatic onboarding process via DocDigitizer’s website.

Customers can choose the most suitable plan and request a DocDigitizer subscription.

After their request, they will receive an email with a summary of their order and the payment details.

Once the payment is done, the API key and their onboarding guide will be sent via email.

Do IDP Fast Track clients have any setup costs?

No. The IDP Fast Track projects are based on an out-of-the-box service with no customized requirements or modifications. The customer will have a DocDigitizer subscription with a monthly payment that gives them access to DocDigitizer API.

How can I discuss the requirements of an enterprise prospect with DocDigitizer?

We have Partner Workshop sessions to support our partners in analyzing enterprise projects. You can book your session here.

For an IDP Fast Track customer, what is the difference between the Basic Plan and Premium Plan?

There are quite a few differences when it comes to Basic Vs Premium; the most relevant ones are related to the level of services regarding quality and processing lead time, namely: The Basic plan offers +95% accuracy (at a field level) and up to 8 business hours of processing lead time, compared to the Premium plan that offers (near) 100% accuracy (at the field level) and up to 4 business hours of processing lead time.

With the Basic Plan, customers will need to review every single document to make sure they correct the data (similar to a traditional OCR experience); with the Premium Plan, they can skip the data validation step.

It’s important to note that DocDigitizer does not offer any Data Validation interface or validation station. The service is always provided via API.

The complete feature-by-feature plan comparison is available here.