Document Classification List

We have the following classifications of documents by default.

ClassificationDescriptionAPI document-class V1
Residence PermitResidence permit, in card or fold-out format, containing the name, nationality, type of residence permitresidence-permit
Residence Permit - FrontAt the top it is indicated as Title of Residencenot defined on V1
Residence Permit - Backnot defined on V1
Bank BookBankbook issued by a Banking Institutionbank-book
National Citizen Identity CardNational Citizen's Identity Card (Only Portuguese documents verified to date)national-id-card
Identification CardIdentification Cardcitizen-id-card
Tax Id CardCard containing the subject's name and tax identification numbertax-id-card
ATM CardCard from a Banking Institution/Creditor, which may contain the bank or creditor logo, the card number, expiration date, name of the card issuing entity, name of the main entity of the
Citizen Card - FrontFront of the Citizen Card, where at the top contains the title of the document: Citizen Card. On the front, it contains the photograph of the subjectcc-frente
Citizen Card - BackBack of the Citizen Cardcc-tras
Citizen Card RenovationDocument issued by the Registry and Notary Office with the designation of Proof of Renewalcitizen-card-renovation
Citizen Id Card VirtualThis document, at the top, is called the 'Identification Card', but in paper formatcitizen-id-card-virtual
Proof of PensionDocument issued by the National Pension Center (declaration), which contains the monthly pension amount (Portuguese documents only verified to date)retirement-proof
ContractClassification used for credit contracts to extract Client name, fiscal number, citizen identification numbercontract
Declaration of Contribution Status ATCertificate issued by the Tax and Customs Authority, indicating the tax status of the taxpayer in questiondeclaracao_situacao_contributiva_at
Declaration of Contribution Status SSCertificate issued by Social Security, indicating the contributory status by the referring entity, before Social Securitydeclaracao_situacao_contributiva_ss
Bank StatementDocument issued by a bank/creditor, either an account information document or a formal/informal correspondence. If the document issued is an invoice, it will be reviewed as an
Driving License EUDocument where at the top it is indicated as: Driver's Licensedriving-license-eu
Driving License EU - FrontDocument where at the top it is indicated as: Driver's License, containing for example the subject's photograph, subject's namedriving-license-eu-front
Driving License EU - BackOn the back, it contains the various categories of vehicles and which ones the subject is fit for.driving-license-eu-back

(deprecated class, see Financial Document instead)

Tax document, usually presents the invoice designation, which normally contains data of issuer, receiver and document value for payment purposesinvoice
Fiscal Residence CertificateCertificate issued by the Tax and Customs Authority, where in this document the tax domicile of the subject in question is presented in the documentfiscal_residence_certificate
Model 3 IRSDocument from the Ministry of Finance, Declaration Model 3 IRSirs3
PassportPersonal document, in bulletin format, and official identification, where it is identified as a Passportpassport
Proof of EmploymentDocument issued by the employer of the subject in question. In this document, the company declares the professional situation of the subject, whether the position, date of antiquity and type of contract, among others.proof-of-employment
PayslipIn this document, as a rule, it contains the designation of a pay slip or similar, where it is characteristic for having data on the company, employee, salaries, discounts and total amount to be received by the
Green ReceiptDocument with the logo of the Tax and Customs Authority at the top, containing characteristic labels such as: Data of the transferor and goods/service provider, data of the purchaser of goods or services and data on the transmission of goods or provision of servicesrecibo-verde
Sepa MandateDocument where at the top it indicates as designation: Sepa Direct Debit Authorizationsepa-mandate
ATM TicketDocument issued by ATM in receipt format. We review MB Receipts such as: Iban Receipt, Transfer Receipt.atm-receipt
Citizen Certificate RegisterDocument that formalizes the right of residencenot defined on V1
Payment NoticeDocument where it is identified as a Payment Noticenot defined on V1
DNI - FrontDocumento Nacional de Identidad - front - tipically with photograph of the subjectnot defined on V1
DNI - BackDocumento Nacional de Identidad - backnot defined on V1
Financial DocumentWe consider a financial document any typical document exchanged in an Accounts Payable or Accounting processfinancial-document
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