Privacy & Security

Is it secure to have humans looking at my documents?

Yes. DocDigitizer’s data curation team follows strict privacy and security guidelines. DocDigitizer has in place GDPR and Data Handling contract that offers our customers a compliance framework completely aligned with the most demanding requirements.

Where are your servers located?

European Union or the US. DocDigitizer runs on Google and Microsoft data centers within the European Union or the US, depending on the geography of our customers. Enterprise customers can have DocDigitizer deployed on a different cloud data storage in a different country.

Is DocDigitizer GDPR-compliant?

Yes. We are fully committed to ensuring compliance with GDPR. We process documents provided by customers for the primary purpose of data capture, based on the instructions of our customers, and always for a limited time period.

DocDigitizer is a document processing and data extraction service, not a document or data storage service. Documents and captured data will be automatically removed within 48 hours after data extraction.

You can read more about this in our terms and conditions.