ATM Card

Document classification fields

Class Description
An ATM card or bank card is typically a plastic card issued by a bank to its clients that performs one or more of several services that relate to giving the client access to a bank account. Physically, a bank card will usually have the client's name, the issuer's name, and a unique card number printed on it.

Common elements
This is the common elements found on each document:
• Holder’s name
• Bank card number
• Expiration date
• CVV (Card Verification Value)

Common Use Case(s)
• Proof of bank account – some bank cards have the IBAN on the back which makes it possible to prove the holder's IBAN to financial purposes

Technical Info

Group of fieldsField name (EN)DescriptionStandard FormatField API name
Card NumberCard NumberStringbank-card:card_number
Subject Full NameSubject Full NameStringbank-card:subject_full_name
Expiration DateExpiration DateStringbank-card:expiry_date
Last revision at 09-Mai-2022