Getting Started with AT QR Codes

How to use AT QR Codes in DocDigitizer PowerCapture

What is a QR Code?

QR Code is a two-dimensional version of the Barcode able to convey a wide variety of information almost instantly with the scan of a mobile device.

DocDigitizer QR Code support

DocDigitizer support extraction of data from QR Codes in accordance with the specification of the AT (Portuguese Tributary and customs authority) Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira

What are the fields that DocDigitizer extracts from a Financial Document?

  • AT : Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira
  • DD : DocDigitizer
Field name (AT)DescriptionAPI_label (DD)Standard FormatLengthExample
ANIF do emitentedf-qr:ANumber9A:123456789
BNIF do adquirentedf-qr:BNumber30B:999999990
CPaís do adquirentedf-qr:CText12C:PT
DTipo de documentodf-qr:DText2D:FT
EEstado do documentodf-qr:EText1E:N
FData do documentodf-qr:FDate(YYYYMMDD)8F:20191231
GIdentificação única do documentodf-qr:GText60G:FT AB2019/0035
HATCUDdf-qr:HText70H:CSDF7T5H- 0035
I1Espaço fiscaldf-qr:I1Text5I1:PT
I2Base tributável isenta de IVAdf-qr:I2Decimal16I2:12000.00
I3Base tributável de IVA à taxa reduzidadf-qr:I3Decimal16I3:15000.00
I4Total de IVA à taxa reduzidadf-qr:I4Decimal16I4:900.00
I5Base tributável de IVA à taxa intermédiadf-qr:I5Decimal16I5:50000.00
I6Total de IVA à taxa intermédiadf-qr:I6Decimal16I6:6500.00
I7Base tributável de IVA à taxa normaldf-qr:I7Decimal16I7:80000.00
I8Total de IVA à taxa normaldf-qr:I8Decimal16I8:18400.00
J1Espaço fiscaldf-qr:J1Text5J1:PT-AC
J2Base tributável isenta de IVAdf-qr:J2Decimal16J2:10000.00
J3Base tributável de IVA à taxa reduzidadf-qr:J3Decimal16J3:25000.56
J4Total de IVA à taxa reduzidadf-qr:J4Decimal16J4:1000.02
J5Base tributável de IVA à taxa intermédiadf-qr:J5Decimal16J5:75000.00
J6Total de IVA à taxa intermédiadf-qr:J6Decimal16J6:6750.00
J7Base tributável de IVA à taxa normaldf-qr:J7Decimal16J7:100000.00
J8Total de IVA à taxa normaldf-qr:J8Decimal16J8:18000.00
K1Espaço fiscaldf-qr:K1Text5K1:PT-MA
K2Base tributável isenta de IVAdf-qr:K2Decimal16K2:5000.00
K3Base tributável de IVA à taxa reduzidadf-qr:K3Decimal16K3:12500.00
K4Total de IVA à taxa reduzidadf-qr:K4Decimal16K4:625.00
K5Base tributável de IVA à taxa intermédiadf-qr:K5Decimal16K5:25000.00
K6Total de IVA à taxa intermédiadf-qr:K6Decimal16K6:3000.00
K7Base tributável de IVA à taxa normaldf-qr:K7Decimal16K7:40000.00
K8Total de IVA à taxa normaldf-qr:K8Decimal16K8:8800.00
LNão sujeito / não tributável em IVA / outras situaçõesdf-qr:LDecimal16L:100.00
MImposto do Selodf-qr:MDecimal16M:25.00
NTotal de impostosdf-qr:NDecimal16N:64000.02
OTotal do documento com impostosdf-qr:ODecimal16O:513600.58
PRetenções na fontedf-qr:PDecimal16P:100.00
Q4 carateres do Hashdf-qr:QText4Q:kLp0
RNº do certificadodf-qr:RNumber4R:9999
SOutras informaçõesdf-qr:SText65S:TB;PT00000 000000000000 000000;51350 0.58

Aditional we sent filed "df-qr" that have the value of the type of document related to the data.

DescriptionAPI_labelStandard FormatLengthExample
Document typedf-qrText50Invoice

How to Use AT QR Codes in DocDigitizer PowerCapture