Starting Guide

This document is a starting guide to compliance regarding the DocDigitizer PowerCapture v2 service. Below is a compilation of the most asked questions by our customers and prospects that are either implementing or evaluating our service. The document has regular reviews as our PowerCapture V2 evolves in time.
Throughout this document, we will refer DocDigitizer PowerCapture just as PowerCapture.
This document does not intend to be comprehensive in all aspects of compliance and/or technical theme. DocDigitizer makes available further technical documentation in DocDigitizer developers portal which is our primary source of technical information.

Target Audience
An Intelligent Document Process have multiple touch points inside an organization. The compliance evaluation often touches business, compliance, IT, finance and operations. This document is destined to all of this audiences, which may find useful to extract all or parts of the document to get a better context of DocDigitizer