Bank Book

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Class Description
The bank book is a book in which a bank customer keeps a record of the money added to and taken from a bank account. Frequently used in the past, the bank book in Portugal since 2019 started to be discouraged by banks due to the lack of security for its customers and is no longer given to new bank accounts.

Common elements
This is the common elements found on each document:
• Client name
• Client number
• Account number
• Emission date

Common Use Case(s)
• Proof of bank account – to prove the holder's existing bank account and IBAN for financial institution-related matters such as personal credit

Technical Info

Group of fieldsField name (EN)DescriptionStandard FormatField API name
Bank Name (*)Bank NameStringbank-book:bank_name
Client NameClient NameStringbank-book:client_name
Client NumberClient NumberStringbank-book:client_number
Emission DateEmission DateDatebank-book:emission_date
Last revision at 09-Mai-2022

(*) - This field is disabled by default