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Class Description
Consumer credit is a credit agreement entered into with individuals, without commercial or professional purposes, to finance the purchase of consumer goods, namely computers, travel, automobiles, education, or health.
The credit agreement may be linked to a purchase and sale agreement or a service provision agreement when it serves exclusively to finance the payment of the good or service in question. Both contracts constitute an economic unit.
An economic unit is considered to exist, namely, when the supplier of the good or service is involved in the preparation or conclusion of the credit agreement or if the good or service is expressly identified in the credit agreement.

Common elements
This is the common elements found on each document:
• Client’s name
• Document
• TAX ID number
• Emission date
• Telephone number or Cell phone number
• Client e-mail
• Nationality
• Address
• Postcode
• Profession
• Signature

Common Use Case(s)
• Proof of Agreement – It’s the document that will be sent to the financial institution showing the agreement between the credit institution and the client

Technical Info

Group of fieldsField name (EN)DescriptionStandard FormatField API name
Tax IDTax IDStringdocument:contract:taxid
Citizen IDCitizen IDStringdocument:contract:citizenid
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