How can I get support?

You should find what you’re looking for on our Developers Portal or Customer Support Portal.

Your feedback will be used in our systems to improve further extraction algorithms, rules, and SLA measurements.

When on Customer Support Portal you can search for a topic or try to find the best match answer, if you didn’t found it please contact our support assistances filling the support form.

Which issue classification should I choose?

Technical Support

Choose Technical Support classification when you have a technical doubt using our API or any issue related with, and need to contact with our top talented experts engineers (awesome geeks).

Billing Support

Choose Billing Support classification when you have any doubt related with your invoice or payments, and need to contact our financial fat belly boring guys.

Data Extraction

Choose Data Extraction classification when you receive wrong extracted data or it’s in a some way misaligned with your expected results, do not hesitate to contact our Control Quality big glasses guys. They are always continually trying to find something to be improved (and be a pain in somebody’s ass). Your issues are music for them, and they do not accept nothing less than a mitigation way to solve your problems, bringing their KPI’s back and keep your quality level aligned with your contract.

License Management

Choose License Management classification if you need to change something in your current contract like improve the quality gate, better align the processing lead time with your needs, or just bring us a new challenge you can contact one of our licensing experts.

What information do I need to provide you?

In order to give you a response in a short time please do not forget to also provide us the following information:

  • What’s your API KEY? Wait, do not share your full API KEY please, just provide us your first 8 digits that is what we need to identify your account.
  • What’s your Document ID (or list of Documents ID’s)? If your report is related to a specific document, or to a list of documents, or you can provide us a small sample of impacted documents it’s great for us to look into it. Otherwise we may not find answers to your question.
  • Description - Please try to describe your issue with all the details possible, like giving answers to when it happened (date/time/time zone), was it a one time occurrence or hourly/daily/not sure periodic occurrence, your expectations/expected results (what you expected to had happened, at what date)
  • Impact on your use case or daily operation:
    • Critical - When you can’t use our API, you’re waiting us to help you remove the road block
    • Major - You can use our API but having issues in more than 35% of the daily documents
    • Medium - You can use our API but having issues in less than 35% of the daily documents
    • Minor - You can use our API but having issues in less than 10 documents
  • Attachments - please provide us some print screen(s) or file(s) needed to support your request

How can I follow up my request(s)?

To follow up your requests you should sign up with your email to create an account, this is a one time step. Once you have an account you just need to log in and look for your cases.

And please rate our responses, and drop us a comment, this is very important for us to understand how can we improve and bring you a continuously better service