Plans and Billing

What are the DocDigitizer Plans Available?

DocDigitizer provides three base plans:

  • Basic - OCR comparable plan that supports standard uses cases, with +95% accuracy under 8 hours processing lead time, full self-service delivery.
  • Premium - (near) 100% accuracy, support to standard use cases, processing lead time under 4 hours, full self-service delivery.
  • Enterprise - (near) 100% accuracy, support to any document, data schema, access to advanced IDP features, and processing lead times as fast as two business minutes.
    More information about plan comparison can be found here.

How do we sign up for the enterprise plan?

Enterprise plans are tailored case by case taking into consideration the specific requirements of each customer. Please contact your account manager or our Sales Team to know more about our enterprise plans.

Does my subscription renew automatically? Or should we go through the standard billing process as it was the first time?

DocDigitizer Subscriptions are automatically renewed as defined in our terms of service.

What happens if I exceed the number of documents that I bought?

In most DocDigitizer subscriptions, all additional documents consumed above what was contracted will be charged as "a la card credits" every 30 days.

What is a Data Point?

A Data Point is a pair-value field returned with data via our API. For billing purposes, we only account fields with data, all empty fields will be discarded.

How can a measure the number of Data Point consumed?

You should sum all the fields within the data part of the JSON API return with a value. If fields are arrays or lists, a Data Point will account for elements of the array.

Rejections will account for one Data Point unless stated on your contract otherwise.

How do a Data Point based plan works?

Our Data-point based plan is DocDigitzer subscription, where you pay based on the number of data points consumed.

The customer will define his minimum target monthly consumption (MTMC) that will set several properties in his subscription, namely:

  • Only documents under the MTMC will be subject to SLA (quality and processing lead time).
  • If the consumption is below the MTMC the customer will be charged with the MTMC.
  • If the consumption is above the MTMC the customer will be charged additional documents at the rate of the MTMC per unit price.
    • Example: If the customer subscribed to an MTMC of 500.000 data points with a price per data point of 0,01€, if the customer uses 500.100 data points 100 data points will be charged over the MTMC at the rate of 0.01€ / Data Point (100 data point = 1€).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The quantity discount is only applicable to the chosen MTMC and not the consumption.

For the best possible experience with DocDigitizer and to benefit from the lower unit price, we recommend that the MTMC should be as close as possible to the real consumption.

The customer may upgrade or downgrade its subscription according to what is defined in its contract.

Which payment options are available for the IDP Fast Track client?

Currently, we only support payments via Credit Card. We recently deprecated payment via direct debit.