DocDigitizer PowerCapture API for Integrations

Discover how to use DocDigitizer PowerCapture API for Integrations

Our platform is a multi-faceted solution based on APIs that offers endless application possibilities in IT operations, back-office systems, and employee-facing services.


We offer a simple API endpoint that accepts any document format and returns structured data in JSON format. Our user interface for manual corrections can also be incorporated into any OCR software or RPA project.

Use our API to easily integrate our data capture automation solution directly into your software or custom company system.

DocDigitizer integrates seamlessly with corporate standards and information systems, such as RPA, CRM, ERP, BPM, ECM, and accounting systems, to improve enterprise processes and make them smarter, quicker, and more responsive. To quickly and seamlessly incorporate any system of record or engagement, choose from a set of ready-to-use connectors or use the out-of-the-box XML and export capabilities.

For more information, please consult our API Reference