ATM Ticket

Document classification

Class Description

Ticket issued by an ATM that can be detailing a cash withdrawal, proof of IBAN, or a Transfer between accounts.

Common elements

This is the common elements found on each document:
• The name “ATM” or “MULTIBANCO”
• Emission date
• Time
• The last four digits from the holder’s bank card
• Account number
• ATM number
• ATM identification

Common Use Case(s)

• Proof of bank account – An ATM ticket is used to prove the holder's existing bank account and IBAN for financial institution-related matters such as personal credit

Technical Info

Group of fieldsField name (EN)DescriptionStandard FormatField API name
ATM Receipt TypeReceipt TypeEnum: iban_receipt | transfer_receiptatm-receipt:atm-receipt-type
Emission DateEmission DateDateatm-receipt:emission-date
Bank Card Last DigitsCard Last DigitsStringatm-receipt:bank-card-last-digits
Destination Account numberAccount numberStringatm-receipt:destination-account
Last revision at 09-Mai-2022