Advanced Features

Does DocDigitizer process Handwritten Documents?

Yes. We provide support to data capture over handwritten documents.

How accurate is the Handwritten Data Extraction?

We provide the same level of quality between typed documents and handwritten documents.
Our Data Accuracy is an outcome that comes from a cross-check between a result coming from a machine and verification of a human-in-the-loop. Even if you cross-check results between multiple humans (as we do when needed), you can guess that there might be cases where humans and machines cannot really guess what is handwritten on the document. In those cases, the field will be returned as empty.
DocDigitizer's commitment is to provide results (near) 100% accuracy, data with a high level of quality far above what the customer can get by deploying their own human-in-the-loop, thus enabling our customers to skip any human validation because adding their human-in-the-loop would not bring any added value to the process only costs.

Can DocDigitizer be implemented on-premises?

Yes. We have available our community edition that may be deployed on-premises. This version is available for large inbounds (+250k documents per month). Nevertheless, to ensure up-to-date and widely scalable security, maintenance, and regular updates, we do recommend our cloud-based version available on a shared or private tenant.

What's the very fastest turnaround time you have. and price?

In our Enterprise Plans, we have available processing lead time as fast as two business minutes. Please contact your account manager or our Sales Team to know more about our enterprise plans.

Can I see the raw data extracted from the OCR?

Yes. To get the raw data that we extracted from OCR you should Get the assets of the document, and then call the url of the OCR file to get the content. You can even choose between getting only the raw text content or a full raw structured file as return by our current OCR.