Citizen Card - Front

Document classification

Class Description
The Citizen Card or CC is an identity card issued by the Portuguese government to its citizens. It’s a document that proves your identity and can be used as a valid travel document within all of Europe.

Common elements
This is the common elements found on the front of each card:
• Card holder's photo
• Surname(s)
• Given Name(s)
• Sex
• Height
• Nationality
• Date of Birth
• Civil Identification Number
• Document number
• Expiry Date
• Card holder's signature

Common Use Case(s)
• Proof of Identity – The citizen card is used by the holder to prove his/her identity for a bank or others types of institutions

Technical Info

Group of fieldsField name (EN)DescriptionStandard FormatField API name
Date of birthDate of birthDatecc-frente:date_of_birth
Document identifier numberDocument identifier numberStringcc-frente:document_number
Expiration DateExpiration DateDatecc-frente:expiry_date
Last revision at 09-Mai-2022