Callback service (status notification)

Callback service - status notification - specification

About the callback service (status notification), this is a service to be made available by the client for us to call it and inform the client about the document status updates.

This service could use the “GET” or “POST” method.
We call your service with “GET” method by default, however if you want that we call it with the “POST” method instead, you must fill the parameter callback_method = POST of the (submit service).

We also assume that this service is anonymously open, however along with only the “POST” method you can pass your http authentication headers, filling the parameter callback_headers of the (submit service) with a strings dictionary like the following examples:
Example 1: callback_headers[Authorization] = API_KEY 7017f86c-6ea3-xxxx-xxxx-...
Example 2: callback_headers[User] = john, callback_headers[Password] = 123

Method: GET or POST
Query string parameters:

  • document_id : id of the document
  • status : status of the document

These parameters must pass in the query string.

List of status values:

  • start - document started to be processed, it's an in between state
  • classified - document was classified (meaning that we already know what kind of document it is, but fields have no data or incomplete data and no revision/validation), it's an in between state
  • annotated - document was processed and all structured data was extracted and reviewed, it's a final state
  • rejected - document was rejected for some reason (view why), it's a final state

DocDigitizer concatenates the document_id and status parameters to the base string (URL) in the following format:

<url base>?docid=<document identifier>&status=<status value>